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Versaloc® Multi Residential Apartments


This dry stack walling system is an innovative solution for residential landscaping projects. No mortar is required and blocks easily stack on top of each other, ensuring quick and easy wall construction.

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  • Project:

    Residential apartments in Lygon Street

  • Builder:

    BM Property Group

  • Installers:

    Pro Wall

  • Requirement:

    Fast and efficient walling system, which allowed for a site with minimal access

  • Product:

    The Versaloc® Walling System and Lightweight Twin Bricks


Adbri Masonry’s new Versaloc® Walling System has been eagerly embraced as builders and installers alike look to new walling products that can increase productivity and reduce build times. The Versaloc® system addresses all of these issues offering a cost effective and easy to use alternative to traditional blockwork and tilt panel walling. After learning about the benefits of the Versaloc® system, BM Property Group, head builders of a new multi story residential complex in Melbourne decided to use Versaloc® in this construction.

The multi-story residential apartment development in Melbourne’s upmarket suburb of Carlton posed a number of challenges due to the properties location at the northern end of busy Lygon Street. The apartment block was originally specified to use precast walls but with no access from neighbouring sites and tram lines meaning costly traffic management would be required to get a crane on site, it became evident that an alternative system was required.

The basement and part of the first story utilised standard Adbri Masonry grey blocks before installer Peter Zeolla from Pro Wall recommend the Versaloc® Walling System. After engineering signoff, the builder agreed to trial the system to complete the first level. Significant productivity gains had been experienced by the end of the first day using the Versaloc® system and Project Manager Dennis Thompson made the decision to use the new dry stack system for the remainder of the project. “Our installers were laying between 250 and 300 standard grey blocks per day compared to 650 Versaloc® units, it was an easy decision to finish the project with Versaloc®” he said.

Construction of the remaining stories were completed at a rapid pace and during the construction, the installers identified a number of other benefits of the system. “This job site was only 180sqm and therefore space was at a premium. Being a dry stack mortarless system, using Versaloc® negated our need for mixers, wheelbarrows and mud boards taking up space on this confined site. This reduced the number of hazards our team had to work around and ensured we were working on a cleaner site, something that became increasingly important as we continued to add new levels” explains Mr Zeolla.

As the team became more familiar with the product, weather permitting, the three installers were laying up to 2000 units per day. Over the course of the project this reduced the number of working days required to finish the project meaning the installers were ready to take on new work and the builder was able to get the other trades on site sooner to finish the building.

Service channels were created in the internal Versaloc® walls before they were framed up and sheeted with Plasterboard. The external walls were rendered and painted in a zig-zag pattern that was designed by the architect. The finished project used over 25000 Versaloc® units and the use of the Versaloc® Walling System proved a success for all parties with Peter Zeolla surmising “The end result looks great and it was a hassle free build for my guys. The Versaloc® system is quick, clean and easy and my team will definitely use this product in future projects.”

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Outdoor Entertainment Area Renovation

This project focused on transforming an outdoor grass area of a rental home, into a family paved entertaining area within four days.

Versaloc® Basement in Designer Home

Adbri Masonry’s new Versaloc® Walling System is the most advanced dry stacked walling system in the Australian market, it improves upon previous dry stack systems...

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Adbri Masonry products are not available in NT.
A limited range of Brighton Masonry products are sold available through Bunnings Warehouse.
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