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The Mypave range

The Mypave range of concrete pavers from Brighton Masonry are available exclusively at Bunnings. The range, and sizes of these pavers are;

• Mypave 214 / 215: 200mm long x 100mm wide x 40mm deep (or 50mm deep)
• Mypave 224 / 225: 200mm long x 200mm wide x 40mm deep (or 50mm deep)
• Mypave 334 / 335: 300mm long x 300mm wide x 40mm deep (or 50mm deep)
• Mypave 424: 400mm long x 200mm wide x 40mm deep
• Mypave 444: 400mm long x 400mm wide x 40mm deep – Most Popular
• Premium Pave 444: 400 long x 400mm wide x 40mm deep – features premium textured paver surface
• Premium Pave 644: 600mm long x 400mm wide x 40mm deep – large format rectangle size paver with premium textured surface finish.

Mypave pavers are produced in either 40mm or 50mm thickness and this varies state to state. Check your local Bunnings store for the paver range available in your area.

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Mypave Paving Range Applications

The Mypave Bunnings range of pavers are perfect for most backyard paving applications including:

• Step stone pavers
• Paths
• Patios, courtyards and entertaining areas
• Pool area surrounds – Premium Pave Products ONLY

Installing Mypave Pavers

The Mypave Bunnings paver range is DIY friendly and easy to install. For step by step instructions on how to install pavers, watch the video below

Bunnings retaining wall blocks – Eziwall by Brighton Masonry

There are two concrete retaining wall blocks in the Eziwall range which are exclusively available at Bunnings Warehouse stores, Eziwall and Eziwall lite.

Eziwall is a traditional set back retaining wall product which can be used for retaining walls and levelling sloped land, garden walls, soil retaining walls, planter boxes and veggie gardens up to 600mm high without the need for any reinforcement, engineering, concrete mortar or glue.

Eziwall Lite is better suited to garden edging and low height wall applications as it can be built to a maximum height of 300mm. Eziwall Lite is very DIY friendly and is great for curved and straight edging, as well as full circles and fire pit enclosures / fire pit barrier blocks.

You can compare the Eziwall retaining wall products that you can buy from Bunnings in the below table to ensure you select the right block for your garden project.

Eziwall Eziwall Lite
Dimensions 295mm wide x 180mm deep x 100mm high 200mm wide x 130mm deep x 100mm high
Maximum wall height (without engineering) 600mm 300mm
Colours Charcoal, Cream Charcoal, Cream
DIY Installation Yes Yes


If you need to build higher retaining walls, or need vertical concrete blocks with corner units and caps for retaining walls, check out Adbri Masonry’s Versawall retaining wall system.


Bunnings Garden Edging – Brighton Masonry Edging Options

Garden edging is a great home DIY project and between specialty concrete garden edge blocks, and paver edging bricks, there is a Brighton Masonry edge to suit your project that is readily available at Bunnings Warehouse. The best garden edge products in the Brighton Masonry range which are available for sale through Bunnings are:

Garden Edge
This speciality garden edging brick is very easy to install and very versatile. It can be laid either side up to create either a higher garden edge to separate your grass, or it can be laid as a lower height edge that has a mowing strip at the bottom which is great for maintenance.

Eziwall Lite
This small concrete garden edge block can be used to create garden edging either one, two or three rows high. The block is light and easy to handle, making it an excellent DIY garden edge. It can be used for straight edges as well as curved garden edging.

Mypave brick edging
One of the easiest garden edge types to install is the traditional brick garden edge. The Mypave 200 x 100 x 40mm (or 50mm) brick paver is the best choice for these garden edge projects. Brick edging is best suited for straight walls only.

Besser® Blocks in Bunnings

Adbri Masonry produce high quality, long lasting Besser® blocks for sale through Bunnings Warehouse. There limited selection of blocks includes standard Besser® blocks in the 390x190x190mm size as well as concrete block fractions including half blocks.

Adbri Masonry’s Besser® Blocks are trade quality and can be used for many building and landscaping applications including for the construction of Besser® block retaining walls as well as concrete block fences.

How to guides: Bunnings pavers, garden edging, retaining walls Videos


Bunnings Brochures For Mypave Range

View the full range of Mypave pavers, retaining walls, garden edging and blocks that are available at Bunnings in your area. This brochure includes the in-stock Mypave range of concrete products as well as a selected range of Special Order products.

For more information on the Brighton Masonry range of products and to see what is in stock in your area, visit

Brighton Masonry FAQs
  • What is the best material for garden edging?

    Concrete blocks, pavers or garden edge units provide the best garden edging. They may take a little more time and effort to install, but they are strong and durable, so when installed right they will last a lifetime without rotting, rusting or falling apart.

  • What is the easiest retaining wall to build?

    For do-it-yourselfers, the easiest retaining walls to build are ones using concrete masonry blocks that are stacked no taller than 600mm.

  • How do I build a retaining wall?

    Retaining walls are a great DIY project and can be completed over the course of a weekend. Refer to this step by step How to Build Retaining Walls Guide for more information.

  • Can I use concrete pavers around pools?

    Salt and chlorine can damage standard concrete pavers. Euro® pavers achieve a P5 slip rating and are saline and salt resistant, ideal for use around pools.

  • Can I use pavers on my driveway?

    Concrete pavers can be used for driveways, but you will need to select a paver that is rated for light commercial traffic, and make sure the base is suitable for this purpose.

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Adbri Masonry products are not available in WA & NT. A limited range of Brighton Masonry products are sold available through Bunnings Warehouse.

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Adbri Masonry products are not available in NT.
A limited range of Brighton Masonry products are sold available through Bunnings Warehouse.
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