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Brighton Transport Hub


This Type A heavy-duty interlocking paver can be machine laid and is suitable for heavy-duty industrial hardstand pavements, low speed roads, and commercial pavements and driveways. Tested for quality in Adbri Masonry’s N.A.T.A. testing laboratory, the performance of Unipave has been proven on large industrial paving projects in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

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  • Client:

    John Holland Hazell Bros Joint Venture

  • Laying Contractor:

    Webb Bros

  • Carrier:

    Lachmitch Transport

  • Requirement:

    Heavy duty concrete paver

  • Product:

    1 million 80mm thick Unipave® pavers


The Brighton Transport Hub is one of Tasmania’s largest infrastructure projects in recent years. This $77 million intermodal hub will play a key role in facilitating the forecast growth in both container traffic across Bass Strait and an increased demand in Tasmania’s North – South freight. This demand created the need for a new transport facility which will deliver increased efficiencies, lower transport costs and follow on benefits to the Tasmanian economy. The site at Brighton, 20 minutes north of Hobart, was a strategic choice with State governments encouraging the construction of transport hubs in urban fringes to improve efficiencies and reduce urban congestion.

The first stage of the works was the bulk earth moving which began in late 2009. Once the site had been prepared, the construction of a large freight transfer and handling pad was undertaken. This part of the project was very demanding, with a high quality heavy duty concrete paver required to support heavy vehicles and the transfer of freight. Over 1 million (25,000 square metres) of Unipave® pavers were specified for use in this project. Upon receiving the detail of the works, representatives from the John Holland Hazell Bros Joint Venture contacted Adbri Masonry to discuss supply options and their requirements for the project.

James Young of the John Holland Hazell Bros Joint Venture said “This paved area is of significant importance to the project and the requirements demanded a heavy duty concrete paver capable of supporting the heavy loads, turning vehicles and other site requirements. We have dealt with Adbri Masonry before and had confidence that a quality project could be supplied as ordered and on time which was vital to us.”

As Tasmania’s largest and most experienced masonry company, the Adbri Masonry team was confident in their ability to deliver a quality product as per the client’s needs. There were a number of project specific requests that the client had which were embraced by Adbri Masonry. This included visits the Ulverstone production plant by the clients’ Quality Assurance team.

The Adbri Masonry sales team in Hobart organised a process whereby the laying contractors (Webb Bros) discussed daily requirements with the transport company (Lachmitch Transport) who would then place the progressive orders with Adbri Masonry. This process was met with approval from the client as it simplified the process and ensured that the required amount of product was always available.

The 25,000m2 Unipave® pavers were manufactured in Adbri Masonry’s state of the art production facility in Ulverstone. Adbri Masonry committed to producing 10,000m2 prior to the commencement of the project. The product was then transferred to Hobart in preparation for the first deliveries.

The paving aspect of the project was completed in February 2011 and the supply of product continued throughout the duration of the project without any issues. Dean Tapping from Webb Bros (laying contractors) remarked “It was a pleasure to work with Adbri Masonry, knowing that the trucks would show up on site with exactly what we needed is relieving and one of the major benefits in working with such a reliable supplier.” The hub itself expects to be operational by early 2012 where it will then support the transfer of goods between large road vehicles to smaller road vehicles, from road to rail, and from rail or road to ship.

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  • • Devonport Bluff Devonport using Trihex paving

Other Projects using Interlock 80mm

  • • Cairns Airport
  • • Rivergate Marina Port of Brisbane
  • • Olympic Boulevard, Sydney
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Adbri Masonry products are not available in WA & NT. A limited range of Brighton Masonry products are sold available through Bunnings Warehouse.

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Adbri Masonry products are not available in NT.
A limited range of Brighton Masonry products are sold available through Bunnings Warehouse.
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