Mixed Euro Stone Paving Pattern – Why it’s the next ‘big’ thing!

Mixed Euro Stone Paving Pattern – Why it’s the next ‘big’ thing!

When you look at your backyard, do you notice that your lawn or current pavers are just sort of ‘there’? They don’t particularly stand out in any way, shape or form, and usually play host to some slowly deteriorating furniture that is mainly used in the summer months…? If this is the case for you, Adbri Masonry have just released a revolutionary paving concept that will really spice up your garden, turning it from drab to fab with just one simple idea. Introducing the mixed Euro® Stone paving pattern!

What is it?

The mixed Euro® Stone paving pattern is exactly that, a paving mix of different colours and sizes that give an awe-inspiring effect to any backyard. It’s a super DIY friendly pattern making it easy for you to achieve at home, and the pavers are of high standard, inspired by European trends from abroad.

Why you’ll want it in your backyard!

1. It's an eye-catching new concept

With a bucket load of new housing estates popping up all over the country, you might just feel like you’re buying into a beehive of similarity. The mixed Euro® Stone paving pattern will definitely set your place aside from your neighbours with its eye-catching design and clever colour-tone symmetry. The concept of the mixed tones allows this pattern to be used for new housing, giving your place a modern edge, or when used to compliment an older style home, the mix has a face-lift effect bringing out key features in the original house design.

2. It's durable and family proof!


Euro® Stone pavers have the highest slip-resistance rating and can be effectively placed around pools and water features. Another fantastic bonus of the Euro® Stone pavers is that they come in tri-tones; Zurich, Riverina and Prague, which means when mixed together they provide a distraction from little spills/stains you may incur as a part of family life!

3. Super DIY friendly


Adbri Masonry have made it exceptionally easy to create the Euro® Stone mix pattern at home with two different sized pavers, 400x400mm and 600x400mm. The graphic guide above is scale-able to any size project. To recreate this pattern at home, measure the space you're intending to pave then using our percentage breakdown, figure out the quantity of each paver type you'll need to order for your job.

Following the graphic above, the percentage breakdown for each colour and size is:


Zurich 400x400mm = 17%

Cyprus 400x400mm = 28% 

Prague 400x400mm = 17%

Zurich 600x400mm = 15%

Prague 600x400mm = 23%


HOT TIP: Always order 5% extra pavers to allow for cuts/breakages when doing your paving job.


DIY Paving – Learn how to pave your next project

Better Homes and Gardens Landscape Expert and Adbri Masonry’s Brand Ambassador, Jason Hodges uses Euro® Stone to show you how to DIY your very own paved area. Watch the video below for handy tips and tricks to make your paving project a success!

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