I love Bali! Create your perfect Balinese escape at home

I love Bali! Create your perfect Balinese escape at home

What does a Balinese garden look like?

For those who absolutely love a tropical escape, Bali is usually on the forefront of your travel plans (and rightly so!). Bali is a luscious tropical getaway, perfect for family vacations, time away with loved ones or solo escapes. The calming Balinese style can be recreated in your garden to introduce a serene atmosphere where you can appreciate the tranquillity and beauty of this style.

Key features to creating your tropical paradise

A typical Balinese garden is styled with lush greenery with dark colours throughout the design, a legacy of the rich volcanic colours that are throughout the island of the gods. Think dark, slip-resistant pavers such as Adbri Masonry’s Euro ®Stone in Prague for the floor and some natural stone in darker shades to clad the walls. For garden beds, consider a modern block like the Natural Impressions Duostone retaining wall Duostone retaining wall. Pair with some wooden furniture and relaxed planting; these colours are nature’s secret sauce to bliss in your backyard.

How to create the oriental atmosphere

To really create the Balinese atmosphere, you want to start adding texture and decorative pieces that resemble the lush landscaped gardens of Bali. Look for natural volcanic or decorative stones to scatter around potted plants and try adding some off-centre stepping stones leading up to your main space. Water is also a key element of the Balinese garden as the flow of the water helps to build tranquillity and atmosphere. You may wish to include a small plunge pool or an ambient water feature surrounded by tropical plants that will transport you from your backyard to a Balinese villa.

Balinese style works for any size garden

A Balinese garden can be successfully designed for both small and large backyards. This type of garden can work wonders for sloped land as the dimension in styling works perfectly with level changes and if you don’t yet have any levels in your garden, you can get creative with the Natural Impressions retaining wall to construct a show-stopping feature in your backyard.

Use your existing backyard features

If you already have a lovely lawn or paved space, run with what you’ve got and build upon your existing backyard features as the Bali look is all about the mix. Go for a mix of turf, exposed aggregate paving such as Euro ®Stone and some natural stone cladding and pebbles. You can also up-style older pots for a rustic and authentic Balinese look and remember less is more when it comes to creating a simple and relaxing space, so invest in 3-5 larger feature pots.

Picking your plants

Tropical greens are essential to this type of garden and really allows you to get artistic with textures of the leaves and sizes of vibrantly coloured plants. For an easy way to introduce contrast to your garden, try sprinkling light or dark pebbles around intriguing plants such as the Bird of Paradise.

Importance of product selection

To choose the right products is to authentically produce the Balinese feel you’re going for. We’ve spoken about adding textural elements to inspire the look, so it’s no surprise that we couldn’t go past the Euro ®Stone paver in 600x400mm. This particular paver has a shotblast surface which exposes natural aggregates within the masonry to give it a truly natural appearance and makes for a slip resistant surface around water features and pools. In this project we used a wet-look sealer on the pavers to harmoniously pair the colour with the texture of the wall. As for furniture, dark timbers are the way to go and a pro tip here is that you shouldn’t feel the need to maintain the timber as the sun drenched look fits perfectly to the Balinese theme. If you’ve decided to go for a plunge pool, consider investing in some quality sun beds and a feature shade umbrella – this will really set off the look and have you reminiscing about sunny days spent lazing by the pool in Seminyak!

I want this look!

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