Concrete Bricks

There are many applications for concrete bricks and blocks around the home. Adbri Masonry’s concrete bricks are used in new constructions or renovations right across Australia, and are ideal for home extensions, fences, walls, garages, sheds, and other home building projects.

Bricks: Types of Bricks and benefits of building with brick.

Bricks of different types have been used to build houses and buildings for hundreds of years. Bricks have become a staple building product due to the, durability and more recently the visual appeal that comes with building a brick home.

In Australia, there are two main types of bricks available for sale; clay bricks and concrete bricks. Adbri Masonry produces a variety of concrete brick products including Besser® bricks, plain grey common bricks for rendering, coloured face bricks for all walling applications and the premium range of Architectural Bricks. You can explore the Adbri brick range below.

Common Brick

Common Brick

Available in: SQLD, NSW, VIC, TAS and SA

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Coloured Faced Brick

Coloured Face Brick

Available in: SQLD, NSW, VIC and TAS

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Architectural Brick

Architectural Brick

Available in: VIC and TAS

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Choosing and selecting bricks for your house - Why brick is best.

Bricks have many advantages over other materials for residential home construction. Adbri’s concrete bricks are Australian made from concrete so they're built to last. Adbri’s range of bricks provide peace of mind benefits for your family including the sense of security and permanency that comes from owning a hard wearing brick home. Over the past five years, concrete bricks have become an increasingly popular choice for building new houses because they are available in a range of colours, the colour goes all the way through the brick and they are environmentally friendly bricks to produce owing to the low energy input required to cure concrete bricks.

There are a number things to consider when choosing bricks for your house.

The design of your home
Is it face brick throughout or is the brickwork used as a feature with other materials also used in the house?

The brick colours and how they match your homes style
Your brick home will be standing for a very long time so it’s important to make a good colour choice. Consider the colours of your roof, guttering and other façade features when picking a colour of brick.

Budget and your price range for bricks
There are literally hundreds of styles and colours of bricks available and the prices for bricks varies for each of the different styles. You should ask for a quote on bricks or even request a price guide when researching the brick choices for your build.

Benefits of building with concrete bricks

If you’re looking for a brick that’s Australian made, available in a range of modern colours, is cost effective and ethically made is important to you, then it’s likely a concrete brick is the choice for you.

Adbri’s Concrete Brick Benefits
Concrete bricks have a range of features that will deliver benefits to bricklayers, builders and importantly, to the finished look of your home!

  • Great range of modern colours including blacks and greys
  • Ultra-smooth brick face finish delivers high visual appeal in walls
  • High dimensional accuracy and trueness of shape and corners makes for easy installation
  • Consistent square edges for a great finished look
  • Concrete bricks are coloured all the way through – no face coatings that can chip away
  • Adbri’s brick has 3 cores ensuring it works better with mortar during brick installation
  • Bricks are light in weight and familiar for professional bricklayers to lay
  • Adbri concrete bricks are the winning recipients of multiple Think Brick Awards

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Where to buy Adbri concrete bricks

Adbri bricks are available to buy throughout South East Queensland, North Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.

In Queensland, you can buy bricks direct from Adbri with sales teams and fast delivery servicing the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast.

Bricks available in QLD: Common Bricks (render brick), coloured face bricks.

For brick samples and brick price quotes: 1300 365 565

In New South Wales, Bricks are available from Tweed Heads through to Canberra, throughout the ACT and to the Victorian border. In Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast, Gosford, Wollongong, Nowra and major regional towns throughout the state, you can buy pallets of concrete bricks direct from Adbri.

Types of bricks available in NSW: Common Bricks (render brick), coloured face bricks.

For brick samples and brick price quotes: 1300 365 565

In Victoria there are a large range of concrete bricks available throughout Melbourne where builders and bricklayers can purchase from Adbri or buy through Gold Certified Reseller Partners including; Melbourne Brick, Pave World, Better Bricks and Pavers Plus. Adbri Bricks are also available throughout regional Victoria with fantastic displays of bricks available to see in Gold Certified Reseller Partners Build Pro who have great brick displays in Bendigo, Echuca, Geelong, Ballarat, Albury – Wodonga, Colac, Horsham, Mildura, Morwell, Mt Gambier, Wagga Wagga, Warragul, Warrnambool, and Shepparton.

Types of Adbri bricks available in VIC: Common Bricks (render brick), coloured face bricks, Architectural Bricks including smooth coloured bricks, shotblast bricks and honed bricks with multiple aggregate choices.

For brick samples and brick price quotes: 1300 365 565

In South Australia concrete bricks are available to buy direct from Adbri Masonry with sales representation and brick delivery capability throughout Adelaide and greater South Australia.

Types of Adbri bricks available in SA: Common Bricks (render brick)

For brick samples and brick price quotes: 1300 365 565

In Tasmania there is a full range of Adbri bricks available including locally made bricks produced in high performance machine in Ulverstone used to make concrete bricks as well as Besser Blocks, pavers and walls. The Adbri range of bricks in Tasmania is available for delivery throughout the states North including Launceston, UIverstone, Devonport, Burnie and the north west coast. In the South of Tasmania bricks can be purchased from Adbri Hobart with a location in Derwent Park that can deliver to all Hobart suburbs.

Types of Adbri bricks available in TAS: Common Bricks (render brick), coloured face bricks, Architectural Bricks including smooth coloured bricks, shotblast bricks and honed bricks with multiple aggregate choices.

For brick samples and brick price quotes: 1300 365 565


    •  What are the main benefits of concrete bricks?
      • Concrete bricks are like clay bricks in many ways, they are the same size, similar weights and are used for many of the same brick building applications. There are some additional benefits that are unique to concrete bricks. Firstly, concrete bricks are coloured using colouring oxides – this means a variety of colours are available and that the bricks are the same colour all the way through and not just coloured faces which can be damaged and chip away. Concrete bricks are also produced in a mould – this results a high dimensional accuracy for each brick with consistently square edges and a smooth face finish.

    •  What colours are Adbri concrete bricks available in?
      • Adbri bricks are available in a number of different ranges. The ranges available vary from state to state however there are two ranges available nationally; the Common Brick range which is a grey brick product made for use in rendered or painted walls. There’s also the Coloured Face Brick range which produces bricks in the Ebony (black brick) and Steel (grey brick) colours and these bricks are available throughout Melbourne and Victoria, New South Wales including Sydney and Newcastle, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and other areas in South East Queensland as well as South Australia and Tasmania. These bricks are perfectly suited to residential housing and multi-residential brick wall projects. In Victoria and Tasmania, you can also buy Architectural Bricks which are premium bricks in a range of colours and textures including the designer Shotblast and Honed face finishes.

    •  Are concrete bricks laid differently to clay bricks?
      • All masonry bricks including concrete and clay bricks are laid using mortar, most often by a professional bricklayer. While the process of installation and the tools used to lay concrete and clay bricks are the same, there can be some subtle differences applied to achieve best laying results. One example of the difference is that concrete bricks are recommended to be laid off a number of pallets at the same time, this allows for the bricks to be ‘blended’ into the walls. This is important because concrete bricks are all one consistent colour so blending through the wall provides a great natural look. The other main difference is in cleaning where clay bricks can be cleaned using hydrochloric acid and concrete bricks cannot be cleaned using hydrochloric acid.

    •  How do you clean concrete bricks?
      • Concrete bricks must be cleaned as they are installed and the recommendations in the Adbri Masonry Concrete Brick flyer must be followed to achieve best results. To clean bricks as they are installed, a dry brush should be used to clean mortar smears off the faces of the bricks before the mortar goes off, at which point it is harder to clean off the faces.

    •  Do bricks vary in colour from batch to batch?
      • Concrete bricks are produced using natural raw materials like sands and aggregates. These natural materials can change over time and these can also change when raw material providers change. These natural changes in raw materials can impact the finished colour of masonry products over time and from batch to batch. As these changes are natural occurring from variations in raw natural raw materials, these colour tone changes are not defects. To ensure the best result for your project, always order the bricks you need for your house from one batch to ensure consistency. You should also sample the colour(s) that will be used in your project close to the time the project is due to start to confirm it is as required before you purchase. Lastly, good laying and installation practices from your bricklayer like laying bricks from multiple pallets to blend them through walls should be used.

    •  Is laying bricks a DIY job or should I hire a professional bricklayer?
      • Bricklaying and blocklaying is a speciality trade and professional installers are trained to install safely and while using correct mortar mixes and laying techniques to ensure consistent heights and levels. While professional installation is recommended for all housing, multi residential and commercial projects, it is possible to lay bricks with an advanced knowledge of DIY for smaller projects like garden walls and garden edging.

    •  Can I build a front fence out of bricks?
      • Concrete masonry bricks are suitable for use in single skin wall constructions which can include the construction of front fences. Typically in Australia, common grey masonry brick and Besser® block fences are used as privacy fences. These projects are usually rendered and painted and while a straight forward project for a professional, you must consult your local council before commencing a brick fence project to determine what engineering design (for wind load) and certification requirements may be required in your local council area.

    •  Where can I buy Adbri concrete bricks?
      • To purchase Adbri concrete bricks or to find a local supplier please call Adbri Customer Service on 1300 365 565 or email to find out the best place to buy bricks near you in your local area.

    •  How do I request a sample brick?
      • Adbri always recommend citing a physical product sample before purchasing products. Given differences in printing qualities and computer screens, colour swatches used in brochures and websites provide colour indications only. It is also recommended that you seek a product sample close to the time of your construction – this is to ensure the colour accuracy given concrete bricks use natural raw materials which can change in colour over time, which can change brick colour tones.

Concrete Bricks Vs Clay Bricks

Bricks are a great choice for residential and commercial buildings. Brick walls are hard wearing, will stand up to the elements and when installed by a professional bricklayer, they will look great. While concrete and clay bricks have many similarities (they are exactly the same dimensional size), there are some differences to be aware of. The table below compares the differences between clay and concrete bricks.

Concrete & Clay Brick - Quick Comparison Guide
Understanding the differences for successful use of bricks of any type.

Recommended mortar mix specifications for laying concrete bricks: 1 part cement, 5 parts sand OR 1 part cement, 1 part time. 6 parts sand.