Step By Step Guide To Building A Fire Pit

Step By Step Guide To Building A Fire Pit

Home isolation, social distancing, work from home and now, school from home can have the family abode feeling tighter than ever before.  A great way to unlock a new space in your home is by creating a new fire pit.  Fire Pits can be used immediately and as soon as you build, it becomes the immediate focus and central point of your backyard. It’s also an incredibly easy project to complete using DIY friendly concrete blocks like Adbri’s Miniwall®.

“Fire pits are a great family project, no other item you buy or build in the backyard will bring people together like a fire pit”, says Jason.

Top reasons to install a fire pit in your home

  1. Extend your home living area
  2. Becomes the immediate focal point of your yard
  3. Is a stand-alone reason for entertaining
  4. Creates an incredible atmosphere at your house
  5. Place where countless new memories will be made with family and friends
  6. Practical, low cost and easy to install
  7. Provides warmth and light allowing you to entertain year round, day and night!

How to create a fire pit in 5 steps with Miniwall® blocks:

1. Locate an area for your fire pit.

Consider windows and doors as you don’t want them too close to the fire.

2. Prepare the foundation.

If you have an existing paved area, you can go directly on top of this. If you have grass, you can remove the turf and drop down some pavers to make a level base if needed.

3. Mark out the shape of your fire pit.

Miniwall® is perfect for circular fire pits and you can create with just 21 blocks per course.

Once you’ve marked out your shape, start laying the blocks. If you are laying onto pavers, you can place the blocks directly on top. If you are building on top of soil, spread some bedding sand down first and screed to level before you start laying the blocks.

4. Use a brush to remove dust and debris from the tops of blocks before laying the next course.

Apply a line of landscape grade adhesive underneath each block and place on top of the course below. Remember, you need to install in a “brick bond” pattern so the block above sits on the join of the two blocks below (as pictured).

5. When you’ve reached desired height (usually 2-4 courses) you’re ready to bring in the finishing touches.

For a nicer look, sprinkle some gravel or decorative stone within the circle and then place your steel fire pit in the centre. Grab some kindling, wood, marshmallows and the family and you’re ready to enjoy your first firepit.

Important safety note: Always keep a minimum 500mm distance between the open flame and backs of the blocks. Generally, a metal fire pit will resolve this. Always pay attention to local and state fire bans. Always enjoy your fire pit with a bucket of water or sand handy. Even though you’ve created a circular block “safety” barrier around the flame, keep a close eye on kids and pets!

It's that easy - why not get started today, so by winter you and your family could be seated around this ...