How to create a profitable backyard

How to create a profitable backyard

10 November 2016

You see flat lawn, we see money maker!

Outdoor living has proven to be extremely important to us Aussies, with many of us investing in our backyard as a flow on from the renovation boom. The recent Great Australian Backyard survey released by Adbri Masonry culminated data from the most popular and upcoming trends that are influencing Aussie backyards this season, and found that more than 62% of us have invested in our backyards in the last 12 months. 

Al fresco kitchen and dining area

Invest in your green to keep them keen

Having a backyard that offers an inviting and enjoyable place to host family and friends is ideal, but having a backyard that offers a return on investment is even better. McGrath Estate Agent Simon Exleton believes that to get the most bang for your backyard buck, you need to make smart improvements. “Not everything you do in your backyard will turn a profit, but you should always try getting the best return on investment. A well designed and planned backyard can add 20-30% to the value of your home. By improving your backyard and making it a great space that people can enjoy can add value to the overall property,” says Simon.

Stunning backyard transformation

The Great Australian Backyard Survey also found that a whopping 82% of Aussies consider the outdoor space a very important factor when making the decision to rent or buy a home.

Modern dining area

Where to put your money

“The first step to making a profitable backyard is by creating a space that is low maintenance and well presented,” says Better Homes and Gardens landscaping expert Jason Hodges. “With Aussies becoming more and more time poor, they don’t want to spend their weekends mowing lawns and pruning hedges. They want to relax, garden, entertain and dine in the space.”
For many of us, there is also an emotional connection with our backyards, adding value on a personal and financial level. The Great Australian Backyard survey also found that 57% of people who have invested in their backyard said that it actually improved their lifestyle. It just goes to show that your investment can pay off in more ways than one.

Creative backyard design ideas

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