Top 5 Things Aussies Want In Their Backyards

Top 5 Things Aussies Want In Their Backyards

10 November 2016

Want to invest in your backyard, but aren’t sure where to start?

Whether you’re investing to sell, looking for ideas to enhance your space, or just upgrading to suit your growing family, we have a solution for you! After recently surveying over 1100 people for our Great Australian Backyard Survey, we were able to identify Australia's hottest backyard trends. We gained many different perspectives on the ultimate Aussie backyard and we've collated the data to share with you the most attractive and DIY friendly ideas to increase the value of your property!

What's hot!

Stone outdoor seating and grill

Outdoor entertaining/dining area

The entertaining and dining area is a great place to start because it adds a new dimension to how you entertain while enhancing the appeal of your home. We’re becoming more and more time poor, so create a space that is low maintenance so you can spend your down time relaxing, gardening, entertaining or dining. If you’re investing to sell, define the spaces in your backyard so when buyers are walking through the property they begin to understand exactly how they will use it and imagine themselves in it. If this is done effectively it increases the chances of buyers having an emotional connection with the property.

Nature-inspired outdoor deck

Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is both a practical and fun addition to a backyard. The days of just firing up the BBQ are long gone. Now there’s so many different options, including having hot and cold running water or a temperature controlled wine fridge. Creating the perfect base for a bench top is made easy with AB® Courtyard Blocks.They provide a DIY solution to creating functional, individualised outdoor kitchens for backyards of any size.

Garden/veggie patch

A veggie patch compliments an outdoor kitchen and dining area nicely and adds a real homely feel to a property which is attractive to buyers. They are also easy to build and by using concrete blocks the perimeter will never rot.

Seating area by the pool

Swimming pool (or) spa

Pools can bring in a great return on investment. A pool area where you can sit, relax, warm up and cool down does not only provide value to the home, but is a great place to entertain and create lasting memories. For slip resistant surfaces around the pool, our Euro® range of pavers have options for different aesthetics with smooth, European slate and textured stone looks.

Black fire pit

Water (or) fire feature

Make the backyard a sanctuary by installing a water feature. Married with a quiet place to sit it can become the ultimate getaway in your own backyard. There are so many different designs and options that are perfect for small or large gardens areas so pick a style that compliments your garden. Ponds are a low maintenance feature that can serve as a natural decoration and blend in nicely with garden foliage. For a smaller space opt for a bird bath, small classic fountain or a serene Asian inspired water feature. The options are endless.

More inspiration

If you're interested in upgrading your backyard, check out our YouTube channel. It has super handy DIY tips to get you started on any backyard project.


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