Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens


Established in 1855 the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens are a key tourist destination and feature to the City of Brisbane. With the continuing growth of the garden’s amazing flora, the natural expansion of tree roots has resulted in the damage of surrounding pedestrian pathways over time.

After identifying the problem, the Brisbane City Council contacted Adbri Masonry’s Contracting Services team to discuss permeable paving as a potential solution to the section of damaged pavements which are surrounded by 130-year-old Moreton Bay Figs.

After meeting on site, Adbri Masonry’s Contracting Services team came up with a viable design utilising Eco Trihex® as a permeable paving system which allows water to infiltrate through the pavement layers into the sub grade and garden beds.

The aim of the project was to utilise a permeable pavement system to satisfy the water needs of the Moreton Bay Fig root system, thus reducing their need to push to the surface in search of water.

The project consisted of over 250 square metres of Eco Trihex® paving utilising a specialised free draining base and bedding layer as well as a jointing aggregate to secure the pavers. Adbri Masonry’s Contracting Services team who worked to design, supply and install the project selected the Eco Trihex® pavers for their aesthetic appeal and ability to enhance the planned permeable pavement system. The system utilizes the series of drainage holes which are formed on the surface due to the pavers unique shape. These drainage holes are filled with a small aggregate to allow water to infiltrate through the surface layers, minimising storm water run-off and downstream flooding and pollution. In this project, the Eco Trihex® pavers provided the added benefit of reducing the damage that root systems have on surrounding pavements as they search for water.

The Brisbane City Council commented “The Adbri Masonry Team‘s knowledge and experience with permeable paving was invaluable in effectively delivering a solution that met all our expectations.” Brisbane City Council have consequently started discussions to undertake similar repairs in two more locations in the gardens, totalling a further 600 square metres of paving.