Besser® Blocks – Adbri Masonry’s Proud Block Tradition

Besser® Blocks – Adbri Masonry’s Proud Block Tradition

Besser® Blocks are exclusively made in Australia by Adbri Masonry, Australia’s leading masonry manufacturer. The history of the Besser® Block is an iconic one with these humble concrete building blocks used in thousands of construction projects that have helped build the country.

Today, Adbri produce a full range of commercial Besser® Blocks that are all made here in Australia. You can view the full range of concrete block choices for your state here.

Adbri’s Besser® blocks are available to buy in Sydney and throughout New South Wales, Melbourne CBD and the remainder of Victoria, in the Gold Coast for sales into Brisbane and throughout Queensland, as well as in Adelaide. In Tasmania we manufacturer in Ulverstone to supply Besser® Blocks throughout the island, including for sale into the Hobart region which we service from our Derwent Park office.

What is a Besser® Block?

The traditional Besser® Block is a rectangular masonry block, also known as a concrete masonry unit (SMU) which is produced in the dimensions of 390mm long x 190mm high x 190mm wide. As technology and building requirements have evolved, so too has the range of concrete block products manufactured by Adbri. Today, Adbri supply a full range of traditional grey Besser® Blocks to buy as well as coloured concrete blocks in a more select range. Block choices available from Adbri include;

  • 100mm series Besser® Blocks
  • 150mm series Besser® Blocks
  • 200mm series Besser® Blocks
  • 300mm series Besser® Blocks and;
  • The “New Age” Besser® Block, the Versaloc Walling System which is a dry stack concrete masonry wall block system.

How to Make Besser® Blocks

Besser® Blocks are produced on specialty block-paving press machines. These machines mix the ingredients required to make products like grey blocks (sand, cement and water) before filling the mix into moulds that are in the shape of Besser Blocks. Then, pressure and vibration is applied to the mould to form the product. The water in the mix activates the cement hydration process (this is when the cement goes “off” and hardens) which is accelerated in curing chambers that allow the product to go hard and achieve the strength required to be handled and ready to transport.

To visualise how this process works and learn more about manufacturing Besser® Blocks and other concrete products, watch this short explainer animation.

Uses for Besser® Blocks

There are many applications for Besser® Blocks in building and construction including;

- Cyclone rated houses
- Multi-residential and commercial buildings
- Concrete block fences
- Basements and car parks
- Segmental block retaining walls
- Core filled block walls
- Residential landscaping projects.

History of Besser® Blocks within Adbri Masonry

As the proud “Besser®” trademark owners, Adbri have an intrinsic link with Besser® Blocks and our history in producing and supplying these heavy duty blocks can be traced back to our early operations when we were called 'Besser® Tasmania', 'Rocla' and 'Besser® Queensland' at different times. Adbri first produced Besser® Blocks in the 1950’s and we have been making high quality concrete Besser® blocks for over 50 years.

It's no surprise that with all of this experience producing Besser® Blocks locally, we’ve become very good at it! While there are many types of concrete blocks available today, Adbri Masonry are the only manufacturers of Besser® Blocks in Australia.

Other Products Produced by Adbri Masonry

While Adbri are leaders in the production of traditional grey Besser® Blocks, we also produce a full range of coloured concrete building blocks for commercial construction, a wide selection of commercial, industrial, permeable and landscaping pavers as well as segmental block retaining wall products and concrete sleepers.