Backyard Projects, Do-It-Yourself or Contractor?

Backyard Projects, Do-It-Yourself or Contractor?

Spring is here! It’s time to plan an outdoor area that is perfect for making memories with friends and family during the holidays. Adbri Masonry have made the starting of this process easier for you, by supplying a FREE Ultimate Outdoor Planning Guide outlining three steps to getting your outdoor area completed. The final stage in the guide assists with deciding on who will execute the project. By following the key information provided in the guide the appropriate decision would be made. Here are a few points to consider whilst reading the final stage.

Hiring a Contractor Vs DIY

Outdoor Renovation – Do-It-Yourself?

For Australians isolated at home, outdoor do-it-yourself (DIY) projects became a popular past time. It allows the ability for you to be as creative or as minimalist as you desire. It’s an affordable method to improve your outdoor area, as there is no hired labour help involved.

When considering the DIY process, it is important to understand the regulations, safety requirements and tool expenses. In case the project involves cutting masonry pavers, blocks and brick products, it is important to wear a mask and use a wet saw to eliminate exposure to harmful dust.

Our FREE Ultimate Outdoor Planning Guide provides you with more information regarding the planning of DIY projects. Step by step you will learn what material and product will be most suitable for your job.

To show what you can do your self with careful planning, here are a few DIY projects our customers have completed and proudly shared.

Should I hire a Landscaper?

Not everyone has the time, physical ability, or the desire to tackle a DIY landscaping project, and that’s fine! You can still plan and design a backyard that suits your style and needs. If what you’re planning is above your skill level, or you simply want it done right and quickly, landscapers are experienced trade individuals who will be able to ensure your plan is done to completion, and will also be able to offer insights and recommendations. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for, so a skilled, experienced landscaper will cost more than doing it yourself. However, you will have the peace of mind that the project will be completed well, to the design, and within their time estimate.

If you have any questions after planning your outdoor area, our team are here to assist you with any of your concerns. Simply head to the contact page to send a query

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Summer is just around the corner! Download our FREE Ultimate Outdoor Planning Guide to get your outdoor areas ready for holiday entertaining.