2020 Backyard Summer Trends

2020 Backyard Summer Trends

10 March 2021

Given Australia’s slowing property market, a record number of homeowners are planning to stay in their houses for longer, many homeowners preferring to avoid property sales and instead, more people are investing in home improvement projectsto suit their lifestyle changes over time.

Adbri Masonry research indicates that 32 per cent of homeowners intend to live in their property for more than 20 years! If you’re in the majority and are planning to stay at your home for longer, consider the costs of creating a family friendly outdoor room as a long term investment!

This look book contains all of the top trends and tips for the Spring – Summer Summer 2020 including;

1. Colour selection – Grey is the new black

2. Random appeal – Ditch the formality for fun

3. Paving size matters – Large format is the format

4. Using all available space – Go up, down and around!

5. Jason’s Tip – Choosing the right outdoor furniture setting

6. Expert Advice
–How to select the right paver for your job
–5 things you need to know for building retaining walls


As an award winning landscape designer, DIY landscape expert and Adbri’s Brand Ambassador, Jason Hodges believes the Summer season for 2019-2020 is the perfect time to look outdoors to build new spaces for your entertaining.

“People overestimate the cost and effort involved in renovating the outdoors yet it is one of the easiest home improvement projects to tackle. One of the positives of investing in the backyard is that the outdoor room grows with us. As a contrast, when you renovate a bathroom, it will never again look as good as it does the day it is finished, it’s also really hard to change once it’s done. Compare that to an outdoor room that becomes more attractive with time as plants mature” says Jason Hodges.

Let’s get started on creating your outdoor room today!