How To Build A Retaining Wall Part 1: Preparation

This 3 part guide will take you through building a DIY retaining wall. Part 1 covers preparation, such as choosing the right products, planning the height & ordering the right product quantities.

An hour in the garden a day keeps the doctor away!

Snip the lawn and a few inches off your waistline - Celebrity Landscaper Jason Hodges shares a few ideas on how to reap the physical benefits of gardening at home whilst improving your backyard.

Mixed Euro Stone Paving Pattern – Why it’s the next ‘big’ thing!

Adbri Masonry have just released a revolutionary paving concept that will really spice up your garden, turning it from drab to fab with just one simple idea. Introducing the mixed Euro® Stone paving pattern!

DIY Friendly Paving Patterns

Make the most of the cooler months to DIY a fantastic entertaining area for summer BBQ's. Read on for easy-to-install and DIY friendly paving patterns to get you started on your project.

I love Bali! Create your perfect Balinese escape at home

Love Bali? Learn how to create your own tropical paradise in your garden. Find out what key features are involved in making a serene Balinese escape at home.

Got space? Transform your backyard into a retreat

As Aussie land size shrinks, attention towards styling has been turned to creating magical mini spaces, however if you've got the room and the know-how, large backyards can be transformed into stunning retreats.