We’re providing $250,000 of Adbri Masonry products to support communities impacted by natural disasters.

Throughout the summer of 2019-2020, many parts of Australia’s East Coast and South Australia were devastated by a prolonged series of bushfires. The impact of the fires in affected local communities, including those in which Adelaide Brighton (ABL) businesses operate, has been significant.

With the support of the ABL board and the Executive team, ABL has created an ‘Adelaide Brighton Community Rebuild Program’ that will donate $250,000 of Adbri Masonry products to impacted communities. The available products for donation under this program is different from state to state and includes various concrete blocks, pavers and retaining wall products.

Project Eligibility

For projects to be eligible to access free masonry products for rebuilding, the project must meet the following criteria;
  • The project is a rebuild or repair of a local community asset that was impacted by these Bushfires (sporting facilities, town halls, volunteer buildings, public amenities)
  • The project is not a commercial project or a residential/domestic project
  • The project is an extension or a construction of facilities that have the purpose of providing disaster relief for people and wildlife (wildlife sanctuary’s and shelters, fire bunkers)

Key Program Information

Given the scale of the damage caused throughout Australia, we anticipate significant interest in projects accessing this program and as such, we want to ensure the donated product can be put to best use for these community projects.

To do this, there is a formal application process which requests project information to help us match our available products with projects where our product can assist.

This simple application process can be completed in under 10 minutes.

How to apply

If you are involved with, or know of a community project that could benefit from masonry product donations, please complete the form below providing as much information as possible.

All applications will be reviewed, assessed and have a response within 5 business days.
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