Hoddle House - Freedman White Architects

Hoddle House - Freedman White Architects

12 September 2017

Hoddle House - Freedman White Architects | Adbri Masonry

The renovation and extension of Hoddle House designed by Freadman White was awarded the Kevin Borland Masonry Award at the 2016 Think Brick Awards.

This project is a great example of how minimalist building materials such as Adbri's Architectural Brick can be utilised to achieve stunning aesthetics. The dark brick surface of the project is punctured by large pieces of glass, both fixed as pop out windows and sliding doors within wide timber frames. Adbri Masonry are proud that this project received due recognition for the inspired design at the 2016 Think Brick Awards.

“Our client, a young family, required additional space for their young children to explore. It was essential that both the existing and new spaces were planned to make efficient use of the old, while achieving greater volume within the addition.” explains Ilana Freadman of Freadman White.

Architects are continually discovering the design potential that Architectural Masonry can have on their projects. With near endless opportunities for colour and texture selections, Architectural brick and blocks will make the perfect addition to any project. This is demonstrated with the Hoddle House using Adbri Masonry’s Architectural Brick in the Ebony colour to create the perfect balance of a simple yet bold statement.