Concrete Pavers Vs Natural Stone

Deciding on pavers for your path, patio or driveway and can't choose between Concrete Pavers or Natural Stone? We look at the pros and cons of both paving materials to help you make the right choice.

Step By Step Guide To Building A Fire Pit

Step By Step Guide To Building A DIY Fire Pit in your Backyard.

Work ON Home: The COVID-19 Trend We Didn't See

The global Coronavirus pandemic has seen a strong government response with the clear message for Australians to isolate at home with families. With many Aussies now homebound, a new trend has emerged that’s been termed “Work on Home!”

19 April 2020

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Step By Step Instructions on How To Build Your Vegetable Garden

Jason Hodges' step by step instructions on how to build your own DIY veggie garden with concrete blocks.

Top Tips To Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

We partner with Jason Hodges to provide some top tips on starting your own vegetable garden at home. A veggie garden can help your family become more sustainable and reduce the need to make regular trips to the supermarket.

Top Tips for a Work From Home Outdoor Office

The uncertainty created from the COVID-19 health crisis is changing the way we work. With the current social distancing recommendations, if you've found yourself working from home, now may be the time to create an outdoor office for your home.

23 March 2020

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