Do I Need to Seal my Pavers?

Do I Need to Seal my Pavers?

10 November 2016

If you’re asking yourself ‘Do I need to seal my pavers?’ you aren’t alone – it is one of the most common questions we are asked!

You’ve just purchased some pavers for your new outdoor entertaining area or driveway and you’ve likely invested a bit of money into the products to make sure your new space is perfect.
The short answer to the above question, is no, you don’t need to seal your pavers. While it’s not necessary for any structural or performance reasons, we do recommend that you seal your pavers to protect your investment. If you’ve bought Adbri, you’ve bought the best and sealing your pavers will ensure they look great and remain that way for years to come.
The last thing you want is for your brand new paved area to be stained from the BBQ, spilt drinks, tannin stains or anything else your area may be subject to. These types of stains can be tough to remove but easy to prevent! Sealing your pavers will allow you to clean and maintain them with little effort allowing you to protect your investment from anything that your family throws at is (literally). Once your pavers are sealed, they are easier, faster and cheaper to clean.
Watch our DIY sealing video 
Choosing the right sealer
There’s a wide range of sealing products available on the market. For concrete masonry purposes we break it down into two main types; penetrating sealers and wet look sealers!
As a general rule, penetrating sealers are designed to seal the pavement and provide a water repelling coat that doesn’t change the appearance or colour of the paver. In contrast, wet look sealers will alter the colour of your pavement, literally making it look wet. This can enhance the original colour, but really is a personal preference.
When choosing a sealer it is also vital to understand how the sealer will affect the slip resistance of your pavers. Some sealers will change the pavers slip rating and this is an essential thing for you to consider before buying a sealer regardless of whether your pavers are to be down the side of your house or around your pool. If slip resistance is important to you, always consult the sealer manufacturer prior to sealing.
Check out the products from Environex, a leading sealer manufacturer. As always, read labels and instructions before use.



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